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Apocalypse of trees. cut 'cause impede the wireless 5G!

05/19/2019 - Maurizio Martucci

Other than pruning programmed out of season. A felling of trees in the streets all over the world. A real massacre in public parks is under way in the West. Roba but before seen, if only because of the unusual synchronicity in the execution of cuts: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, America and Italy as well. Tens of thousands of trees (even secular and lush) cut with ease in the sunshine, under the eyes of all, including the questions of the public and the protests of those who, appalled by the unusual coincidence, wonders about the implications less obvious pushing seeking occult truth. Conspiracy? To appease hearts are not enough of agronomists technical reports (legitimately) certify illness and natural death of shrubs, foliage and branches. Because the problem is not so much (and only) learn more about the status of planting torn down, but whether there is a more subtle reason and especially if in all this there is a direction in the execution, because tens of thousands of trees have been felled all together, right now? Even in distant cities tens of thousands of kilometers from each other? In Europe as in America?

On the Smart City Prato activists took to the streets of the local committee Stop 5G, placards in hand accompanied the surgical execution showing slogans on a hypothetical correlation with wireless fifth generation: MORE 'TREES, LESS ANTENNA, equation parade procession For Future well on Friday. And 'success so even at the gates of Rome, where the Stop 5G Cerveteri Committee released a statement in which he was asked to Caeretan Mayor to clarify the disputed demolition. Alessio Pascucci, mayor in the town of Etruscan necropolis but also the Italian national coordinator for the City (the so-called party of mayors founded by Parma Pizzarotti where he also recorded a Councilor of the Veneto Region signatory to a motion Stop 5G), came out into the open accusing of theoriesconspiracy, reptilian and terrapiattiste ecosystem defenders in the Internet of things speculate the instigator of the synchronic felling of trees, even in 60 thousand units announced in Rome by Ray Giunta. While in Abruzzo, in order to avoid the de Profundis, Moms Stop 5G bring their children in the meadows to make them embrace the trees were not even human shields in the advance artificial intelligence.

Focusing on studies and expert advice, the OASI SANA investigation tries to throw a little 'light, in the shadows of a controversy that promises not only trains the local administrative offices. Interviews and documents in hand, that's what comes out of trees and 5G. In the face of Holocaust deniers. The link does exist: between nature and artificial intelligence, between the shaft and 5G cohabitation is critical ... one of them is too much!


"The water, which typically are rich trees and plants, very effectively absorbs electromagnetic waves in the millimeter band," says Andrea Grieco, professor of physics in Milan and experienced problems related to electromagnetic pollution. "For this reason they constitute an obstacle to the propagation of the signal 5G. In particular the leaves, with their high total surface area, strongly attenuate the signals in the UHF band and EHF, that of mobile telephony. The biological effects are still poorly studied, though some researchers found damage to trees and plants subjected to radiation from base stations (often the antennas on the roofs of buildings, editor's note) ".

So the syllogism is easily done, trees = = chlorophyll water. And the unexplored microwave millimeter from mini-antennas 5G (without preliminary study on the effects to humans, despite radio frequencies are possible carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer) are in the water and in the trees an obstacle in the data transport , not having the wireless signal of the fifth generation of the same electric field nor the same long-range penetration of the previous standard 2G, 3G and 4G. In practice, the tree acts as a barrier. The leaves of the tree absorb the band spectrum of the 5G, preventing the optimum reception of the signal emitted by the mini-antennas!

A document of 46 pages of the authoritative Ordance Survey (this is the public body in the United Kingdom responsible for drawing up the state cartography) on geo-spatial planning of 5G drafted as a user guide for planners and local authorities by the Department for the digitization , culture, media and sport, he says that in the city streets you must first "assess whether the area has a significant traffic flow and especially buses and trucks," and then consider how the signal 5G may be impacted, ie hindered, "identifying all material objects in general" height "more than 4 meters", which (for example) "high walls, statues and smaller monuments, billboards and" (coincidentally) "large trees and high hedges ", as shrubs,leaves and branches "should be regarded as blockers" 5G signal like solid matter (stone and concrete).

If during the engineering evaluation tests on the 5G transmission rates carried out in extreme weather conditions (snow, heavy rain) American giant Verizonha identified in the leaves on the trees a problem, always across the Channel another document (already published exclusively on OASIS SANA) Confirms the link trees and 5G. And 'Institute for the communication systems of British Surrey University in Guildford (eastern England) and tells how the "new ways in which local planning authorities can work with mobile network operators to offer huge opportunities for future local communities (...) is to reduce the height of the mobile uprights so that they are visually shielded by buildings and / or trees, rock roses that trees represent the highest obstruction and more likely. However, it also shields the radio frequency signals and defeated the purpose of reliable coverage "of 5G.

"The curves plotted in the diagram" - continues the text drawn up by professors - "show how increasing height above the shaft of the radio base station irradiation line also increases what is known as the 'Fresnel zone' or loss of shadows ". Coming to the point, finally England are unmasked conflicts between trees and 5G, namely shadow cone and wireless signal on the light streetlights: "To avoid this loss of shading and be outside of the Fresnel zone, it is necessary that the height of the tree is at least 3 meters lower than the height of the base station ". Ultimately, both scholars of 5G dell'Ordance Survey that those of Surrey in Guildford, converge on the same point openly saying the same thing:


As anticipated by physicist Andrea Grieco, who leaves and plants absorb electrosmog is known. It also certifies one of the American Katie Haggerty study, the international newspaper for forest research, published the results on the influence of harmful radio frequency on the plants. "Numerous incidents have been recorded in North America", concludes the researcher conducted experiments on plants screens and non-radiated electromagnetic fields, "the morphology and behavior of the two groups exposed to radiofrequency were very similar (...) unshielded seedlings and fake screens had leaf tissue that varied in color from yellow to green, and a high percentage of leaf tissue in both exposed groups showed necrotic lesions.

In conclusion, over humanity electro-smog is harmful to ecosystems and plants. And the trees are a great hindrance to the 5G business. Of course, from here to say that there goes, but it is a reasonable doubt, and far fetched on which the institutions are calls between Europe and America tens of thousands of trees have been felled sure to install new microwave antennas millimeter to clarify . Responsibly. Without unnecessary turns of phrase. Also because the truth will be the test of facts. On those same streets without greener, antennas sprout like mushrooms from 5G light lamps?

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