Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March,22 2012 Megaquake?

There is a clear pattern in the MegaQuake/Axis Shifts of 2010 and 2011. Every 188-9 days, we have a quake above 7.0, and every 377 days the axis of the Earth shifts. In my opinion something external is causing this, possibly our binary solar system's twin sun, or a circumbinary planet in our system, that is getting closer.

Disorder is recorded on the Global Seismic Network Monitoring

March 21, 2012 -  
a disorder global seismic  monitoring network is recorded on site monitoring of geological USGS  seismographs seems crazy , the shock caused by the two  earthquakes  that hit Mexico  and  Papua New Guinea  are doing reverberate the entire planet land . It seems that the agitation of the earth's crust is increasing substantially all along the fault lines, there is' an exponential increase in the vibration of the planet's surface.

CU / ANWB Willy Bob, Antigua and Barbuda