Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Exclusive video! Aircraft emit chemtrails at low altitude !!!

I wanted to upload this video bloggers' cause is one of the many video evidence testifying to what is happening on our heads now to anni.Il movie shows how an aircraft flying at high pile (about 2-3000 m)


How come there are so many women with breast cancer?
And if the overdiagnosis is the real danger?
Mammography X-ray is carcinogenic!

Chemtrails are a tool for mind control !!!

Alfred Lambremont Webre, in a substantial research, of which we give a meaningful statement, focuses on one of the purposes of chemtrails,

The doctor found dead mysteriously anti-vaccine

For thousands of people James Jeffrey Bradstreet was a savior: clearly stated that vaccines cause autismand he promoted alternative therapies with which he cured many cases, including his son and his grandson. He also testified in court on behalf of

Ancient exercise to activate and balance the pineal and pituitary

This exercise is considered very important in the ancient yogic texts: brings many benefits to the physical level but even more subtle level. In fact, it stimulates the endocrine glands situated in the brain by increasing and activating

American expert: "The bubble 1.5 quadrillion dollars in derivatives is about to fall on the world economic system"

American expert: Bubble 1.5 quadrillion dollars in derivatives is about to fall on the world economic system"The economy and the financial system of the United States is like a house of cards that is about to collapse."

Friday, 24 July 2015

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