martedì 9 dicembre 2014

Dangerous Asteroid Rapidly Approaching Earth?

A large asteroid named 2014 UR116 is moving into an orbit, most likely involving a collision with Earth. Asteroid flies inside the solar system.

lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

National Space Agency Angkasa: solar storm will cause three days of darkness. Real or Hoax?

PETALING JAYA: An online portal report that the earth will be in darkness from Dec 21 to 23 due to a solar storm is a hoax, the National Space Agency (Angkasa) said in a statement Monday. "The article quoted National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) president Charles Bolden who, according to the portal, said the news was the space agency's website. "However, there is no such news in the Nasa website. Other sources quoted in the story also couldn't be found, thus proving the news is fake," Angkasa said.

domenica 26 ottobre 2014

FEMA Prepares for Ebola Zombie Apocalypse?

The Ebola pandemic in West Africa has quickly grown into a global crisis, but an Ebola zombie apocalypse is not imminent. Internet users in China coined the term “zombie disease”

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

Several shots have been fired outside and inside Canada parliament

BREAKING.Several shots have been fired outside and inside the nation's parliament in Ottawa. Witnesses reported seeing a gunman firing at the Ottawa War Memorial and then running toward the government buildings, where more shots were heard. A soldier has been wounded in the attack, Canadian media report.

lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Nottinghamshire braced for Hurricane Gonzalo

Driving winds and heavy rain are set to batter Nottinghamshire as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo strike later today. The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning for the county, with fallen trees and flooding potentially causing rush-hour chaos on Tuesday morning. A Met Office spokesman said: “The remains of Hurricane Gonzalo will run eastwards across the Atlantic, reaching the UK on Monday night,