Madness! "Unhook an atomic bomb on Mars to make it habitable"

Elon Musk, the South African billionaire co-founder of PayPal and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, wants to drop a nuclear bomb on Mars. Objective 'heat' the PlanetRed and create the conditions for human life on the planet known to be more Earth-like.

It looks like a joke. A publicity stunt. Yet, apparently, the owner of SpaceX is serious.
It was quite a while 'talking to colonize the Red Planet. He had also set a date. "A dozen years and we can do it," he said. Now things worse, sparking controversy and some hilarity.
The idea is simple, but it seems scientifically dubious. Artificially change the atmosphere of Mars to be able to live. It has to be an idea that is haunting. Because last year he had thought to flood Mars greenhouse gas (what we so afraid it is producing a warming of the Earth), then he realized that the process could become too long and expensive and then remembered that his SpaceX (the US company that deals with space transportation) has in production of bombers that could release on Mars a real atomic bomb. In short, thermonuclear weapons to heat the atmosphere and make possible the life of man. "Why - Musk says - we absolutely need to rely on that planet."

A settlement in all respects, then. Immediately disputed by experts and scholars. "With a bombardment of this kind you can also melt the ice - said Joshua Bandfield, associate professor of science at the University of Washington and researcher of the Space Science Institute - but the atomic bomb will never be enough to warm Mars at the level of the Earth" .
Caustic even NASA in a statement that was keen to stress: "We, too, for years, we are committed to promoting the exploration of the solar system. But we do, and we will always trying to preserve the environments explored in their natural state. "
There is little to do, the gimmick of Musk, 'shot' during a television interview on Late Show, Stephen Colbert, did not please either a bit'. It's no giuraci that the controversy, at this time, will become fiery.