Farside eruption on the Sun captured!

FARSIDE ERUPTION: Departing sunspot AR1384, currently located just behind the sun's western limb, erupted today around 14:45 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the debris flying over the edge of the solar disk. The eruption appears to be connected to magnetic filaments snaking over the horizon to the Earthside of the sun. Will this event affect our planet? Probably not. It is located too far from disk center. Stay tuned, however, to see what kind of CME the blast produced. - Space Weather.

WESTERN LIMB EXPLOSION: A large explosion on the western limb was captured today and a CME will almost certainly be associated with this event. It registered as a long duration C2.4 flare, however because of the location of this blast, it will not be Earth directed. Watch the nice movie below. UPDATE: This event produced a full halo CME, however it is directed to the west and not towards Earth. STEREO Ahead captured the cloud and a movie is now shown below. - Solar Ham.