Why 'NASA tampers the true colors of Mars ???

Picture of Mars amateur and Nasa 1The  planet Mars  is also called the  red planet  because of the abundance of  iron oxide  present in its surface rocks.
And 'the color that make us see the images of NASA. Too red, the sky is instead described as being yellowish-brown. Among the amateurs are finding a doubt about the authenticity of the images official color. First, because the planet taken from amateur telescopes does not seem as reddish as in the photographs of NASA? Indeed, it appears with streaks of green and blue? The theory of color artifacts, which would be painted with the planet, would be in agreement with images showing dark spots of vegetation and caps of a few ice bluish in color. Here are some examples of comparative photos:
Picture of Mars and NASA amateur 2Picture of Mars amateur and Nasa 3Very dark areas are also apparent in photographs of melting curve analysis, inispecie in the equatorial zone, without any convincing explanation provided. If exist on Mars plant being capable of photosynthesis, namely oxygen in the air, the sky should not appear yellowish like the pictures that the various little robots sent to the surface we send. Moreover, the presence of such  oxide  in the surface rocks might suggest that a fair amount of molecular oxygen (blue) is present in the air of Mars. In addition to the recombination of CO 2  and other oxygen compounds that constitute over 95% the atmosphere.
Mars seen by the Hubble Space TelescopeEven images taken by the  space telescope Huble  contain the  color blue  (above) in the atmosphere of Mars otherwise absent in the most famous photos. It can be assumed that if the intent of astronomy canonical hide the presence of life on Mars, the US space agency may have altered through filters the true colors of the planet. Astronomers should explain the origin of the blue color of the sky  Martian .
On the left a photo of NASA and to the right a more realistic version
Numerous studies on photographs sent from the centers of acquisition appear to have been "altered" as to hide the tones  green-blue  that would put in crisis scientists intent on convincing the public that Mars is a dead planet, just a cold and red rocky desert. NASA often calls in "false color" certain photographs reddish Mars while books and newspapers falsehood color is omitted.
Earth and Mars left to right
Just as it is not specified the reason why the cameras on board of numerous probes operate only in altered colors by filters or even black and white (!) As in the case of the probe  Rosetta .
Rosetta navigation room (NAVCAM) 24 February 07There are photographs taken from the "lander" the first  Viking  '76 that clearly show tones of blue, just analyze the image with any graphics software, if one does not trust its own monitor. Every so often emerge photographs that appear realistic thus causing also an issue little discussed: the fact that the light on the Martian surface to be similar if not greater than that which illuminates the surface of the Earth. In fact, the red planet is about 80 million km further away from the Sun in our (but there are only 50 million km from its  perihelion  and our  aphelion ) then, as the atmosphere much less thick, a higher percentage of light should reach the ground. The photograph below shows probably the real Martian landscape.
The true colors of Mars
Official figures seem to prove that on  Mars  there is a climate very similar to the Earth, scale planetologica, of course: a polar ice cap, four seasons alternating with evolutionary models of climate identifiable. The main difference is in the ground pressure which would be very low:  0.6-1.0 kPa (compared with 101 kPa of the Earth)  a physiologically empty . A pressure comparable to the same at 50 km altitude on Earth.
Furthermore, the temperature, albeit for short periods greater than zero, is expected to remain constantly rigid, especially during the night. In a range between + 27 ° C in summer and -143 ° at the poles in winter. The combination of temperature and pressure according to the scientists would prevent the existence of liquid water if not in fact extremely transient.
But these assertions clash with some considerations. Evidence indicates the pressure to be much higher than that officially reported:
  • The first thing is the existence of dust storms and eddies capable of raising enormous amounts of material even at low wind speeds.
  • Another reason to suspect it is less understandable. The various organizations, NASA in the head, which have sent probes to the planet, say they landed gently thanks to a parachute. The trouble is that the atmospheric pressure is "officially" so low, if the parachute is opened, the air density would offer resistance so tenuous as not to slow the vehicle sufficiently. With the result of making crash to the ground Martian probes. How is it then that these objects are landed without going to smash?
  • In many photographs shadows are rather  dim  and  murky  as to indicate an atmospheric density by no means comparable to the  physiological vacuum.
  • Mars has approximately 1/3 of the Earth gravity. How is it possible that the atmospheric pressure is only a penny, when on moons with even less serious ground pressure is higher?
Regarding the temperature, assuming that the atmospheric pressure is higher than the given accepted, it also should be superior to -55 ° media. The powerful  greenhouse effect  generated by an atmosphere mainly composed of  carbon dioxide  (95%), coupled with the presence of clouds and dust storms that limit the heat radiation towards space, would ensure that the temperature of Mars is suitable to accommodate water liquid in spite of the greater distance from the Sun than Earth.
Probably the equator the temperature gap rotates around + 30 ° -30 ° compatible with the presence of liquid water and living organisms. Images transmitted from  M G ( Mars  Global Surveyor)  show lakes and mirrors of a liquid that has all the appearance of being water. In certain photographs you notice liquid stagnation it seems that liquid water. The way of the oases in the deserts there can harbor terrestrial life forms that the eye  terrestrial define as  Siberian vegetation .
Backwater with rivulets of runoff on MarsScientists agree that on Mars there is frozen water in layers below the surface. However now the pictures of  ESA  show what seems real lakes whose existence is at odds with the theory impossibility of persistence of liquid water on the Martian surface. They tell us that the  ice  in the polar caps of Mars included consists of CO 2  mixed with H 2 O. Most likely it is only ice water because the temperature of the planet probably much greater than that which we can not know. Ditto for the atmospheric pressure that could be on average of 10 kPa or more. Only a tenth and a hundredth that of Earth. Probably in the equatorial troughs deeper and nested pressure can reach 15 to 20 kPa at temperatures of 35 ° as peak daytime. Thus the thickness of the atmospheric gas is not 11 km but maybe 20 or 25 km.


  1. Any blue haze over Mars, as seen from earth.... is the blue haze of EARTHS atmosphere. Yes, even though it's night. Do some research.

  2. Please Julie, tell us how Hubble, which orbits above earth's atmosphere, can capture earth's atmosphere when photo shooting mars, furthermore when Mars is in opposition ? And how does this haze can turn green during sandstorms on mars (cf perfect storm on mars) if this haze is caused by earth's atmosphere ? Very funny indeed ...

    By the way, congrat' for author's outstanding articles on this subject matter.

  3. Very interesting articel and finally someone who speaks the objective truth about mars.
    NASA lied from the beginning.
    Had we humans been told the objetive truth about everything like Roswell, extraterrestrial species their natural behaviour and thinking and that we the human species were genetically altered in our evolution with our unnatural genetic programmed mindset like anthropocentrism (human centered worldview and the "crone of creation", subjugate the earth) religions and expansionism, which is caused by human overpopulation, from the beginning 71 years earlier, than we would not have this catastrophic overpopulation and the destruction of the planet`s biosphere and the suffering of human and non-human species and species extinctions.
    We would all would have a natural true biocentric thinking/mindset and could life in Utopia with a healthy unpolluted biosphere and everyone would be free, no dieseases, no human overpopulation, no sexism (no difference between men and women and homosexuals),no mariages anymore, free love, no prohibition finally legalization of all dugs (End of the "War on Drugs" finally and with it prejudices and lies about it and its corrupt system) everyone could take whatever he and she likes, no money systems and so one.
    But now i unfortunately guess after 71 years or more it is too late.
    I just hope that the breakaway civilization and/or exraterrestrial species do something against this unnatural human genetic makup and programming before everything is completely destroyed.
    And by the way if someone is saying that extraterrestrial species think the same way as we humans do. The answer is: No!
    They would have destroyed us long ago and colonized this planet and they would suffer also from overpopulation. Instead they live within their home planets carrying capacity with a healthy bioshere ans evolution with all their various organisms, no species extinction, no overpopulation through natural population control , free love and sex, and a biocentric mindset. The opposite of that what humans have.
    Would we humans now all get a flying saucer we would expand, colonize and breed until the whole universe is overpopulated with humans and all life bearing planets biospheres and lifeforms plundered/extinct and destroyed.
    As long as we can`t care for this planet and its biosphere and rely on destructive infinite economic growth, overpopulate throug population explosion planet earth and believe in our unnatural anthropocentric worldview as long humans will not be allowed to leave this solar system or land on certain planets like mars who has life.


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