50 km east from Cairo a mysterious structure is in the heart of desert.A discover the researcher Matthew Ianneo , UFO enthusiast and mysteries which boasts many discoveries on Mars

through the Google Earth.Quello that intrigued Ianneo 'was the perfect geometry of the installation futuristic design space, and that in 2009 there was no Google Earth.A first glance it would seem a basic alien space like those hundreds of times we have seen in science fiction movies, or perhaps a US military base established after the Arab Spring? What intrigues and is totally isolated in the desert, on the Internet there is no information in merito.Ci we have access inputs, 4 inputs on the second structure and a large entrance hall on the first. The shape of this structure, it is very particular ,, it may also be a missile base, or a base of nuclear origin. Council, who is the field, to investigate this training, and maybe try to make us understand what it can handle.