Louisiana sinkhole burps again

January 21, 2013 - UNITED STATES - State and Parish leaders are on alert in Assumption Parish after the sinkhole "burped" again today. It happened at 10am and caused heightened anxiety in an already tense area.

Parish officials said hydrocarbons and debris bubbled up to the surface and caused major cracks in a well pad. All activity at that well pad had to be shut down.

"There is additional cracking that has occurred on well pad three," John Boudreaux, Assumption OEP Director said. "They are an inch wide and a ruler goes down 14 inches. It seems that land is sloughing in toward the sinkhole."

Officials will continue monitoring the situation. State Police sent their helicopter in the air to monitor the sinkhole from above. - WBRZ.

WATCH: Louisiana sinkhole burps again.