Massive sinkhole and landslide in Naples(Italy) hundreds of evacuated

Naples residents woke up to a massive sinkhole yesterday morning that led to hundreds of people being evacuated from the area in the Italian city. The junction of two residential streets collapsed at around 5am. No damage was done
to surrounding buildings but 380 people in the area had to be found emergency accommodation as a precautionary measure, according to Italian newspaper Il Mattino. A woman who lived at number 131 heard “a huge thud” and looked out to see a car falling into the pit above a disused underground rail tunnel. The hole will be filled with concrete once it has been inspected for any further potential damage. Once the area has been declared safe enough, the 95 families will be allowed to return to their homes, the newspaper reported. Sinkholes usually occur when soluble bedrock such as limestone gets dissolved by water and drainage. A sinkhole around 40ft wide in Kentucky, US, swallowed eight rare classic cars costing millions of dollars in total at a museum earlier this month.