Putin warns the Russian people: GET READY TO WORSE !!!

The Russian President has ordered Russian officials to repatriate relatives following the gradual deterioration of Russia - US relations and in anticipation of a nuclear conflict

After the cancellation of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in France, the tension rises in the relations between Russia / China and the West.

Moscow October 12, 2016

Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian population to make food supplies, as they did before the German, Swiss, Czech and others, in preparation for a possible and not remotely conflict.

The news reported by major newspapers International and Italian is indicative of a further escalation of the tensions that undermine world peace.

For years, specialists warn of the possibility of a new world war and that the situation in Syria has the real potential to create the foundations of a global conflict. Among other things, China tandem - Russia in Syria

Of the same opinion is Mikhail Gorbachev that in a recent commentary said: "The Russian-US relations are at a dangerous point."

The clock of a possible nuclear attack has been moved to 23:57, three minutes at zero, in other words the world is in a situation similar to that of the Cuban missile crisis, in October 1962.

The Corriere della Sera comments: "In Russia these fears seem to become a real frenzy. The governor of St. Petersburg Poltavchenko ordered Monday to accumulate grain reserves. The city authorities should be in degrees to ensure to every inhabitant 300 grams of bread a day for 20 days. Last week in schools, offices and factories all over the country there were special exercises conducted by the Civil Defence: what to do in case of attack, where are the shelters against the bombing, et cetera. In the manifesto he posted on the streets of Kizminki district, explicitly speaks of a "pending nuclear attack by hostile countries (USA and their satellites)".

According to political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky, the founder and director of the National Strategy Institute, "This is all part of the package of measures to prepare the senior echelons of a major war"

China, the old communist partner of Russia, he set his face against the NATO action in defense of the business partner and political: during the NATO summit in Lisbon, in 2010, it was announced the further implementation of anti-ballistic missile bases, which in vision of the Chinese military spokesman at Xiangshan Forum being held in Beijing, is a clear threat to Russia.

According to the online newspaper Sputnik , in fact: "By deploying the missile defense system in Europe, the United States has failed to provide legal guarantees that the decision has not been taken against Russia. So this is a plan that represents a direct threat to the security of Russia itself "the general said, Cai Jun. Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the creation of a defense system against ballistic missiles in Europe "
All this while public attention does not seem to realize the actual scope of these claims, seemingly distracted by their own problems and the media and television propaganda towards more pleasant topics, from Big Brother to the gossip of the VIP.