A NASA document envisages biological warfare through the atmospheric aerosols

The NASA document, the military agency in pale scientific guise, "Future strategic issues future warfare ", written by Dennis Bushnell, demonstrates that chemtrails
beyond the objective to dominate the weather and climate by means of barium and aluminum. The biogeoingegneria operations are revealed as a war against humanity and nature. 

Scientist Clifford Carnicom ten years ago identified nelfall out of self-replicating chemical filaments trails related to Morgellons disease. How many more pathogens are dispersed in the biosphere today? A strain of Ebola (there is US Patent FLA) is perhaps already widespread in the environment? The Ebola virus, along with other biological weapons, is explicitly mentioned in the text edited by Bushnell. 

Bushnell is chief scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center He began working in the center in 1963, attracted by the Apollo lunar program. Today he spends much of his time studying the air traffic control systems and nuclear reactions at low energy. 

The document in question was introduced by Bushnell in July 2001, just a couple of months before dell'inside job dating back to September 11, 2001. Much of the information that seemed science fiction in 2001 have now become a tragic reality, a military operation against American people and the other nations of the world.

Drones, microwave weapons, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics and many other topics are presented and discussed in the book.

Deborah Tavares in 2013 has presented and explained the alarming forecasts of technocratic society courted by Bushnell.

Some years ago a story foretold, through some narrative tricks, the scenario described by Bushnell.