Washi Typhoon devastates the Philippines, 200 victims!

MANILA / The budget of Typhoon " Washi "which struck the Philippines is almost 200 victims  , hundreds of whom are children , while 400 people were missing at the moment and there are 100 000 people displaced by the floods.
The island of Mindanao has been hit by torrential rains and winds of 100 km / h, the area has been destroyed by landslides and floods, airport activity was suppressed and there have been many blackouts .
The budget of the tropical storm is tragic, people have been educated by Typhoon Washi during the night, many people have died in his sleep. The soldiers mobilized to meet the emergencies are over 20 thousand, hundreds of bodies have emerged from the water in Cagayan de Oro, the city with half a million inhabitants, many of the victims are children.
A hundred miners are dead, drowned while working in the port city of Iligan, entire villages were swept away by water.