The California coast is likely to sink into the ocean!

November 17, 2011 - Los Angeles - On the coast of California , one of the most 'famous in the world, in the vicinity' of San Pedro a huge gap , already originated 'for several months, involving a considerable size has radius of the entire lane coastal highway and literally in danger of collapse ' ocean . a truly 'own sliding surface of the earth's surface, which threatens to involve a whole side, experts are monitoring the situation closely and' become very pericolosa.I geologists believe that this is a real geological fracture in an area known for its fragility ' seismic.
Do not forget that California and 'famous for the San Andreas fault (in English, San Andreas Fault) is a geological fault that extends for 1300 km across California, including the North American plate and the Pacific plate . It is famous for the devastating earthquakes that have occurred in its immediate vicinity.The fault was detected for the first time in California in 1895 by Northern Andrew Lawson, a professor of Geology at the University of Berkeley, who named it from a small lake, Laguna de San Andreas, located on a valley formed by the right fault south of San Francisco. After the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Lawson also discovered that the San Andreas Fault is aimed in particular in Southern California.