Blood red sea in Australia

Karina Newmarch and her daughter Isabella check out the algal boom at Clovelly Beach.
Picture: Craig Greenhill Source: The Daily Telegraph.
November 26, 2012 - AUSTRALIA - Several popular Sydney beaches, including the iconic Bondi, resembled scenes out of a apocalyptic film today after an algae bloom turned the water blood red.

Patches of the red algae, a natural phenomenon that can be exacerbated by certain weather conditions, were sighted between Bondi Beach and Maroubra Beach this morning.

Both Bondi Beach and Clovelly Beach were closed while authorities conduct tests in the water.

Gordon's Bay was also closed due to the algal bloom, with Beachwatch posting a photograph on Twitter showing water the colour of tomato juice.

Waverley head lifeguard Bruce Hopkins said the bloom was spotted drifting off the north side of Bondi Beach at around 6.30am.

"It has got quite a fishy smell to it,'' Mr Hopkins told AAP.

"It can irritate some people's skin but generally not much more than that.''

Mr Hopkins said the bloom has a "reddy-purple'' tinge and sits on the surface like oil sheen.

The bloom was dissipating off Bondi, with hopes the beach might be reopened by this afternoon, he said.

Red algae was uncommon but not unheard of at Bondi, Mr Hopkins added. - Daily Telegraph.