Attack on Syria: 8000 U.S. troops near Syrian shores of aircraft carrier Eisenhower

DAMASCUS - Thursday, the American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower, carrying 8,000 soldiers and eight squadrons of bombers arrived off the coast of Syria in the middle of a storm. According to the website of RT reports this morning that the news is likely to be a prelude to military action against the Syrian government. According to the Times, the Obama administration is preparing to launch the attack against the Damascus government even if the Whitehouse has not said anything about it. According to the explanations of the Times the U.S. government would come into action if Assad was using the chemical weapons. But the question is how did you send forces into Syria and is prepared to intervene to take a chance, it is as if you already knew, then, that Assad will use them. In fact everything is a farce and probably someone will use chemical weapons blaming Assad, should this be the casus belli wanted by the U.S.. According to the Israeli website DEBKAfile has reached the aircraft carrier the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group, which includes marine 2500. "We have special forces for operations in the right place and we should not send other", said an anonymous U.S. official who said that U.S. forces are ready in and which are already close to Syria. According to DEBKAfile, if the U.S. decides to attack Syria would at this very moment at least 10,000 men available, 17 warships, 70 fighter-bombers, 10 cruisers equipped with cruise missiles. Some of these ships are also equipped with the AEGIS system, able to break down the missiles with which Syria would respond. "The muscles are already there ready for the fall," said a U.S. official at the London Times By the way the American military presence in the vicinity of Syria. "It's premature to say what can happen and if a decision was made ​​to intervene. Has not been done, we have not reached that decision. There are so many options but military action can be launched quickly, in a matter of days."