Vanuatu: the earth trembles, strong earthquake of M 6.4

December 2, 2012 Vanuatu , the archipelago, which has a volcanic origin located about 1750 km east of Australia , and 'was hit by astrong earthquake of magnitude 6.4 in the Richter scale tonight at 0:54 UTC.L 'seismic event and' took place at a depth 'of 29 km located at 111 km NW Vila.Per time are not given reports
of damage or injury. The last major earthquake in the region Vanuatu On 25 December 2010, a strong earthquake measuring
7.6 hit the island causing a tsunami. On 29 December 2010 a new earthquake of magnitude 6.8 hit the island. On 21 August 2011 another earthquake of magnitude 7.5 hit the island with dangerous tsunami. March 9, 2012 another earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hit the island. On 21 October 2012, a further 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck the island.