The massacre in Boston: A False Flag?

We are facing the another False Flag? For what purpose? What are the aims?

We try to put together all the unclear aspects of the bombs in Boston.

Two bombs erupted three defused.
A total of 5 weapons production craft / Homemade. Likely use of such type of explosive Semtex given the intense cloud of white color after the explosion.
The Semtex is an explosive relatively difficult to obtain, used in both civil (controlled demolition) that in some areas the military.

5 bombs coordinates at least in part (the two are exploded detonated a short distance from each other), leave no doubt about the planning and coordination of the massacre (internal or external pretend that it is the matrix).

Likely that the bombs were activated via a mobile device, two hours after the arrival of the first athlete, precisely in the moment of maximum media coverage.

If you have enabled via mobile phone is likely that the people coordinating the attacks or was present at the scene or had a privileged view somewhere.

Now we come to all the oddities of this story that would leave presage yet another False Flag.

We start from the first oddity:

1. Today was held in Boston exercise with controlled detonation ("Officials: There will be a controlled explosion in front of the library within one minute as part of the activities of the team bomber." "Boston Globe / images/Boston-Globe-Twitter-April-15-2013.jpg)

2.Strange man on the roof of a building, it could be the police .. or not?

3. Less strange, but still in style 9/11, shortly after the explosion, suffered many MILITARY were already on the scene (up to when it comes to police is understandable but an array estimate of so many men of the army has little explanations)

4. The announcement (April 12, 2013) the use of a tablet, the Boston Marathon, for "mass incidents". Coincidence?

5. The outbreak of the first bomb has a very strong symbolic meaning: In the area of ​​the race sat the relatives of the victims Sandy Hook (another blatant false flag).

6. Another coincidence: In Boston April 15 is the day of the patriots (Possible connection with the groups Pro-Arms USA?)

7. The usual track Middle Eastern, then promptly denied.

8. Finally, one of the usual smoking guns (technology escapes even to those who would like to control every aspect of these events), or google that indexes the event 3 days before the attacks that have taken place, as for other False Flag.

Updates will follow ...

Posted 58 minutes ago from Fragments of Reality