Predicts a powerful earthquake on 12 July and scares America

A man claims to be able to predict earthquakes and launches the alert on July 12, but controversy erupts on a theory .... "More than questionable"

Provides a powerful earthquake on 12 July and scares America - Questionable prophecy, article published on An American man, of Pittsburgh, claims to have figured out how to predict the next earthquake on the territory of the United States of America, launching the lookout for July 12. The man's name is David Nabhan and is the author of the book "Earthquake Prediction",

in which he tries to explain what are the causes of the earthquake and how to predict them, a book that, as well imagine, has been published before and after a long trail of controversy and fierce criticism.
Nabhan says that the next earthquake will be on July 12, about a month, but did not specify the location or region where the earthquake will occur (causing an even greater psychosis, or at least by those who believe ), also risking an approximate time: within three hours of sunrise or sunset, and then excludes the night and the middle of the day. Of course, the American journalists, after listening Nabhan, have also interviewed professionals USGS geologists, who have made it clear as to nowadays earthquakes can not be predicted and it is unknown whether or not July 12 there will be a strong event of an earthquake. For our part we report that, although we are making in-depth studies, yet nothing is known with certainty, and who is launching alarms on earthquakes do it with methods not approved by modern science, a very serious matter.

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