The mysterious sea vawe breaking on the beach (PHOTOS)

Strange formations on the shoreline. Real cusps that the sea water draws the sand. We are on a beach in Dorset, south-west England.

That cusp is a mystery that scientists have not been able to completely clear. How they form the "Beachcusps"? And why in Dorset?

Francesca Mancuso - - Photo: namraka

According to the findings so far, the cusps appear during or after storms.Their shape is certainly unusual. Furthermore, the space between the one and the other is uniform and regular.

Leaving alone the aliens, there are two theories that attempt to explain their formation. The first concerns the interaction between the waves approaching the shore and the waves that are formed in a manner perpendicular to the coast. The interactions between these waves create points regularly spaced but ì different intensity.

The other theory is that of ' self-organization , which claims that the cusps are the result of regular waves and interactions with sand, to create loops.

Photo: leenaj

Photo: David Abercrombie

Photo: RHughes5

The result still offers a fascinating glance.

Not only Dorset. The cusps on the beach were also observed in Palomarin Beach, Point Reyes, in the US.

Francesca Mancuso

Photo: namraka