Earthquake in Fukushima, there is concern for the nuclear power plant!

Back to the earth tremble in Japan and make it his own in Fukushima, just where in 2011 a strong earthquake caused a tsunami that killed 18,500 

people and caused a nuclear disaster (in the photo then the images). The earthquake of magnitude 5.6, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency and the US Geological USGS, occurred in the morning in the Italian north-east of Japan, near the Fukushima plant.

The quake was also felt in Tokyo, but unlike six years ago is no tsunami warning was issued. The quake lasted more than 30 seconds, according to residents of the area where it was most strongly felt. The buildings in the capital have fluctuated, as well as throughout the northeastern part of the main island of Japan, Honshu.

To date, however, is not the first earthquake that hit the area in recent weeks. Already last February 12, in fact, another jolt of as much as 7.3 degrees magnitude struck the island of Honshu, off just in Fukushima. That day have flared small tsunami, however, did not cause damage.

According to experts, even if they are already past six years, those of recent weeks have aftershocks after the devastating magnitude 9 earthquake in 2011 that destroyed the Japanese coast and caused thousands of victims.