Massive Evacuation from Antarctica, On Arrival Special Forces And Militari.what's happening ???

The mass evacuation from Antarctica is happening at this very hour it seems. From some online sources it seems that all the civilians and scientists have been carried out by the structures
research in which, however, they came under the command of Special Operations and Military departments of different bodies.This surprising report was published by godlikeproductions.

civilian employees for Industry of the US Defense published on godlikeproductions testimonies of strange materials, and military movements on the way to Antarctica, also knew they were withdrawing all civilians from the polar installations.


This explains why the Russian navy is on its way to Antarctica and why are sending a fleet of armed ships right there?
Gira also rumors that the army is preparing to remove anything from Antarctica and that everything is surrounded in secrecy.
one wonders if a sort of ultimatum was given to the leaders of the world (hence the elite that seems to be running in Antarctica), and that this ultimatum was not respected.

We'll find out just living, as the song says, in the meantime, watch the video below: LINKS