The lunar surface is multicolor

The images of the moon that we know, or rather, that we are made to know, paint a landscape of its surface greyish. At the most, brownish or yellowish. In reality, the true images of the Earth's natural satellite show something else. The Moon is a kaleidoscope of changing colors and surprising. The "seas", so to speak, are mainly blue or orange while the craters tend to pink.
This reflects the different mineralogical composition and the angle of incidence of sunlight. If you look through a telescope, you can check it yourself in person. The Sea of ​​Tranquility, where it says allunĂ² the first shipment of Apollo is blue. PS 'Tax credits' targeted' for the fiber. Arriving plan for ultra broadband 'You see that they increase taxes on everything except the things that the United States require us to dominate the world. They make me smile, if not laugh, those who are against the NWO, then hail the web. Years ago I wrote that they had sent ahead Grillo against Telecom to steal the national property system of the dorsal nerve broadband so that NSA can fully control the peninsula.