Sinkholes - THE MYSTERIOUS abysses that are appearing AROUND THE PLANET !!!

Incredible phenomenon, of still unknown origin, is the sudden appearance of huge cavities, about 100 meters wide and just as deep.

Scientists are studying the phenomenon in order to give an explanation on how to form these "holes", but the truth is that until now, assumptions were made ​​of all kinds, from the alien invasion using experimental weapons.
L 'most plausible hypothesis, but not yet confirmed, is that the formation of these cavities is of geological origin. According to an Australian scientist, the cause may be the collapse of a pingo (ice covered with earth). It appears that a large bag of gas (present in many places in the basement), combined with water and salt, can cause a huge explosion can create this phenomenon.
By the time you are aware of the cavity 7, all appeared in the peninsula Siberian, but only 4 of them are still studied, although two have become lakes.
Scientists assume that these phenomena will increase over the years and are about to discover the mystery although it is highly dangerous to approach to the sites in question, as explosions gas can occur at any time.
It will be the truth, or is the latest attempt to give an answer to something that would otherwise be too scary !?