The revelation: "In 2022 a solar storm will destroy the technology on Earth"

A solar storm

In 2022 a solar storm could damage, to destroy it, the terrestrial technology, creating devastating upheavals and damages, only for the United States, are estimated at 2.6 trillion dollars.

That is, as reported by the Washington Post , the House White would have already moved, and instructed their experts to develop a plan to avoid the catastrophe.

According to what has been learned, in less than seven years the Sun to the Earth's atmosphere could release powerful magnetic waves, able to send haywire power systems, electrical circuits, satellites and telecommunications networks.

"A real danger," say sources at NASA.

In particular, the possibility that happen Armageddon technology is estimated at around 12 percent.

Percentage apparently low.

So Washington has ordered the space agency and the Department of Homeland Security to establish appropriate countermeasures.