Breaking - Mega blackout paralyzes Turkey, Prime Minister does not rule out terrorism.

A massive blackout struck Turkey, causing great inconvenience in at least 44 provinces, including Ankara and Istanbul. In the megacities of the Bosphorus tram and metro not work. According to the minister of energy and the blackout 'due to a technical problem
that affected the main transmission lines in the Aegean region. But Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has not ruled out that the blackout could depend on a terrorist attack. "We are investigating all possibilities," he told the AP.

Energy Minister does not rule out hypotheses cyber-attack
  Energy Minister Taner Yildiz also has mentioned the possibility of an attack, perhaps even 'cybernetic'. "It was a human error, a technical problem or an electronic attack? We are following events very closely." Yildiz added that the electricity was restored in some provinces.