Palm oil, 'cause hell are putting everywhere?

(google trasl)Increase of 19 percent imports of palm oil in Italy for a quantity record that exceeded even 1.7 billion pounds in 2014. And 'what emerges from a Coldiretti analysis that warns about the invasion of a product
below accuses the nutritionally and environmentally, just in the homeland of extra virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean diet. '' Palm oil for the low cost and lack of information - Coldiretti - tends to replace fat finest virtually anywhere and even in baby foods like cookies, cakes, pies and even in baby milk, with quantities imported in Italy have increased tenfold in the last 15 years, but now you can recognize the label ''. '' At concerns about the health impact due to the high content of saturated fatty acids are added, however, those from the environmental point of view because - Coldiretti - the enormous development of the palm oil market is leading to deforestation Wild vast forests not to mention the pollution caused by transport thousands of miles away from the place of production ''. '' To allow conscious purchasing decisions by consumers was introduced December 13, 2014 in Community legislation under the pressure of Coldiretti obligation to specify on the label the nature of the oil, if used in packaged foods. No longer can therefore - Coldiretti - use the words generic vegetable oil, playing on the fact that in our tradition when you think oil is thought to that of oil, but you must indicate what oil is. For products sold in bulk or in baked bakery - Coldiretti - must always be exposed and available to consumers, the list of ingredients used ''. '' A win against the big lobby which nonetheless continue to feel its weight as evidenced for example the European Union's decision to resort to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to set up an arbitration committee regarding some import duties of Russia, which considers excessive for several products, including palm oil. In other words - a complaint Coldiretti - the European Union decides to intervene to increase imports of a product of dubious quality which also competes unfairly with butter and extra virgin olive oil replacing European desserts, in pizzas, the bakery , industrial and craft ''. '' A decision paradoxical - concluded Coldiretti - after the EU agricultural producers are strangled by months of Russian embargo that caused directly only to Italy more than 50.7 million euro of lost agricultural exports in just four months , from August to November, more than a general decline in market prices throughout Europe for the products affected by the embargo and for those who, even indirectly, can be regarded as substitutes ''.