Germanwings Airbus, spread by the media false picture of the co-pilot!

BERNE - "I have traded for the co-pilot suicidal". This is what tells Andreas G., who with aviation has nothing to do but in the day today has seen his image appear on multiple sites in relation to the tragedy
of the International Germanwings flight. "It seems that in South America the newspapers have already gone to press with my photograph" adds our interlocutor of German origin, used in the Bernese company active in the energy sector, was informed a few days ago by some friends. How did you react? "I did not do anything special - he tells us - I thought that in the short term it would be clarified, because my last name does not match with that of the co-pilot." Everything would begin from a Twitter account which was published the photograph in question. "It amazes me that only journalists from around the world simply take information from a tweet." Have fallen into the error several South American sites, in addition to the Republic, and a site Ticino. (In the photo attached Andreas G is on the left, on the right there instead Andreas Lubitz).