Los Angeles: homeless brutally killed by policeman (shock video) !

(google traslsate) - Is doing discuss the video in which the policemen killed a homeless man with several shots of gun in Los Angeles , in the district of Skid Row.
This is yet another incident of police brutality in the United States,this time against a Homeless . But no one will issue press indignantly against the White House to behave as its police. And 'possible in democracy the most famous and celebrated in the world that a homeless can come shot dead with five gunshot wounds? They will discuss the images of the execution of a Homeless in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Skid Row where you see clearly at least six agents of the Department of the metropolis of the West Coast pick on a homeless after an altercation in the street. Eventually the scuffle ended with five shots fired at point-blank who obviously killed the homeless. Some passersby filmed everything and put the video on social networks and there is already talk of yet another scandal linked to police brutality. In the pictures you can see a man shaking an object against the agents who throw him to the ground and began to beat him savagely. As reported by the Los Angeles Times the agents would intervene to respond to a request for intervention for theft while an eyewitness would have reported that the victim was arguing with another Homeless inside his tent. In short, independent of how you think we should reflect on the fact that these murders take place continuously in the United States, which should lead to a profound rethinking of the authorities of the means of intervention by the police. You can not run the risk of being gunned down by police in every intervention, yet the United States are considered to be too much a "model" to be imitated with the American authorities who allow themselves to judge the world when, if it happened the other way, probably the US did not come out too well.