Hydrogen peroxide, commonly used as a remedy to disinfect wounds, has many other uses where it can be used successfully as for acne, herpes, colds,
whiten teeth and disinfect the mouth. The pack of hydrogen peroxide, the name that often appears on the packaging instead of the more classical hydrogen peroxide, can be found on the market in different types, we are interested in that at 3% or 10 volumes. It is little used and diluted with water, because otherwise it is toxic and destroys the tissues, but a conscious use allows to exploit it for many uses, from cleaning the house to that of the body. It should not be used in the case of burns and burns.

1) Eliminate Mushrooms to toe: For the frequent problem of foot fungus and nail it is recommended to use a 50% solution of hydrogen peroxide and 50% water. To benefit you put your feet to soak for several minutes in the evening and then dry well;

2) fights the 'Acne: Just pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and wipe the area to be treated. Leave on overnight and then wash in the morning regularly, so as to eliminate any residue;

3) Eliminate bad breath and disinfects mouth: Just two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and a water (not tap water) to be used to make of rinses of the oral cavity so as to prevent the formation of tartar, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, and other annoying typical inflammations of the oral cavity.eliminating oral bacteria fight bad breath. The peroxide used in high concentrations and too often can damage certain kinds of fillings: ask your dentist before use. The important thing is not to overdo it and always rinse with plain water after as being the hydrogen peroxide somewhat abrasive, may damage the enamel of the teeth thus exposing them to other damages .;

4) Whitens teeth: Wet the brush with ' hydrogen peroxide and rubbing the teeth slightly. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water to avoid damaging the enamel;

5) Skin blemishes: Hydrogen peroxide is a great ally to get rid of skin blemishes. If you will use consistently, you will see results in just two weeks: we recommend that you apply it on the spots using cotton and avoiding the eye area, because it can cause irritation;

6) Clean the armpits: Hydrogen peroxide is ideal for cleaning armpits and make them white stains caused by deodorant; also it helps fight odor;

7) Reflections in the hair: Many products to dye the hair as an ingredient hydrogen peroxide. You can also use it at home, in moderation, to lighten hair naturally and get the clearest reflections: dilute the hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water and to store preferably in a spray. To apply it, the hair must be wet and ready to be combed: sprinkle in small quantities and then combed as usual. The results will be visible gradually, and the change will not be drastic. Remember not to exceed the recommended amount, or you can run into bad results;

8) Against Colds and Flu: Some have experimented with success by entering, with a dropper, 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear. You feel a kind of bubbling is the disinfectant (peroxide make you out of the flu virus inserted into the ear if the first symptoms). You can repeat the process, after two hours, until you feel more "churning". This practice is without risk but for children there is a risk that allarmino hearing ear "boil".After the first ear stops "churning" past each other;

9) Disinfectant in the bathroom and kitchen: Put 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide in the detergent for washing dishes is perfect to let them perfectly clean. To clean cutting boards and eliminate any bacteria that sometimes form you can use a 50% solution of hydrogen peroxide and 50% vinegar. You can also use a 50/50 mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and normal water to disinfect toilets, sinks and floors, among others;

10) Young skin: Take a bath of one hour in a water bath and hydrogen peroxide (at least a few liters) improves the quality of the skin and is great for those with psoriasis, eczema and skin blemishes.

I bet you did not know all these uses and there are probably others as well.The important thing is to use it sparingly, buying the package to 3% or 10 volumes, given that on the market there are more concentrated solutions that may be too strong if not suitably diluted. Good use of water oxygenated and let me know how it went!