What do you eat fast food? A slurry of bones, guts and minced animal meat and dipped in ammonia !!!

It's called "mechanically separated meat" (mechanically separated meat) and is composed of bones, guts and meat animal smashed mechanicallyto become, after several dyes processes, tasty morsels of meat served in fast food restaurants. (Search on Google will show you many beautiful pictures).

This process, legitimized by the United States Department of Agriculture who called it safely and properly, is suitable, however, for a mass of controversy and disputes and doubts.

One wonders, for example, if the chicken pieces or a tasty hot dogs that are an essential part of US power are really safe and what is the process that leads to their production.


The process mechanically separated meat is somewhat cumbersome. The innards his bones, eyes, guts, its paws are minutely ground, pressed and made into a hybrid, colorless pulp.

This process causes a problem: the meat, in fact, likely to be contaminated with bacteria and pathogens. To avoid this, therefore, the manufacturers decide to treat the mixture with small amounts of ammonia, but then fill it capable of coloring and flavoring to drive the strong smell acid.

The products treated in this way are used for sausage stuffing hot dogs, and the classic chicken nuggets.

Even the most popular fast food chain in the world, McDonald's has been stressed over and accused of adopting similar techniques. Accusations, rejected by the multinational trunk that said, however, not to follow any practice of "mechanical separation."

The US Department of Agriculture has spoken on this issue by putting this disputed technical sheltered from criticism and accusations.

In a dispatch posted on the official Web site of the US Department of Agriculture, it states clearly that "the mechanics of meat separation mechanism is safe and strong restrictions that only apply in some cases."The authorities relates to the mechanical separation of the beef, banned since 2004 to protect consumers from bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

The ban does not apply to mechanically separated pork provided that the product is labeled "mechanically separated pork." Hot dogs, always according to the American authorities, may contain not more than 20% of mechanically separated pork.

Even the poultry treated mechanically non undergoes prohibitions of any kind if, as already mentioned for pig meat, the type of following treatment, on the product label is expressly indicated.

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