Vesuvius. US scientists insist: the eruption will make a million deaths in fifteen minutes

The US deepen the studies about Vesuvius. The studies confirm that the explosion of the volcano in fifteen minutes would lead to the devastation of the entire Gulf of Naples, confirms the American volcanologist Flavio Dobran,

"Vesuvius that" sleeps "from 1944 will explode with a power never seen and in just four minutes engulf already 5 or 6 municipalities in the red zone." So says the fluid engineer in its latest report that follows, and makes it even more terrible, than that of last year in which the horizons for the inhabitants of Vesuvius were not already good at all. "A column of gas, ash and lava will rise to two thousand meters above the crater - says the expert - Avalanche fire will roll on the flanks of the volcano at speeds of 100 meters per second at 1,000 degrees Celsius, destroying the entire landscape in a radius of seven kilometers, sweeping away roads and homes, burning trees, asphyxiating animals, maybe killing a million human beings in just 15 minutes. "

This assumption is documented, the result of extensive studies with the only unknown factor of the date when all this will happen: "This unfortunately we can not predict - says Professor Dobran - It will not be in two weeks, but we know with certainty that the time of the big bang will come. "

Dobran has designed a global volcanic simulator: it is a computer model to reconstruct the past eruptions of several volcanoes, and therefore also of Vesuvius, to describe future.

"The global volcanic simulator - continues the volcanologist - after analyzing the data, he designed a hellish scenario: just 20 seconds after the explosion of gas and hot ash fungus has already reached 3 thousand meters high, from where collapses along flanks of the cone. A minute later, the fiery avalanche is already two kilometers from the crater. In three minutes he has already reached Octavian, and Boscoreale Somma Vesuviana. In four minutes have passed off Tower of Greek and Herculaneum. Sixty seconds later came the turn of Torre Annunziata. "