Chemtrails are killing us, but it seems that does not interest anyone!

When it comes to air pollution, the mind returns of Asian images with mask walking wrapped in a kind of deadly fog. We recommend the same grip even to the inhabitants of the Po Valley.

The WHO (World Health Organisation), has published the results of the study on the presence of fine particles (with a focus on PM10 and PM2.5) in our planet.

The Earth was then colored green, yellow and red in different shades, depending on the situation we breathe air. Italy has put the state worse than all of Western Europe.

Not only did we have green areas, such as has our neighbor France house or a little further on Spain but our Po Valley brings colors that denote an alarming situation. In the face of the beautiful country.

Needless to say, the news was only hinted at by the national press and in reference to the global condition, far from informing on the disastrous condition of our house.

The fine particles, or better, the particulate, is that set of pollutants suspended in the air which are characterized by the size of the particles. PM10 are inhalable particles, less than one hundredth of a millimeter, that are inhaled and reach the first part of the respiratory system, so the nose and larynx. PM2.5 are instead the much finer substances, in the order of 2.5 microns down and penetrate into the body to the lungs, especially during breathing via the mouth: these particles are defined thoracic dust.

All this matter there we breathe we, in our homes, in parks and during trips outside the city. No problems affecting someone else, but it's an emergency true that causes premature deaths. Only in 2012 in Italy were 84,400 registered deaths caused by air pollution.

And perhaps most troubling is that it is not spoken. As if the "better not to know" could save us from the catastrophic consequences of political and economic choices.