JOIN the Ring With Thumb For A Few Second and Watch What Happens ...

How to combat fatigue, stress and disconnect from the fast pace of everyday with mudras. seven simplehand gestures that will allow us to regain energy and wellness.

The  mudras  are hand gestures that are part of the practice of  Yoga . Are simple movements, to be carried anywhere, that can help us find energy and well-being.
These actions offer us a break when they are restless, stressed out, a way to disconnect from the fast pace of our daily lives and encourage the flow of positive energy in the body. A charge not only mental but also physical.
Just three minutes a day to balance and harmonize the mind and body. As happens in the feet, hands reflect the points of our body. That's why a few simple movements can activate the nerve endings and unblocking energy.
We start trying to understand the meaning attached to each finger.
  • Thumb  represents fire and its job is to balance the energies of the body.
  • ndex:  is the air and is connected to thought and creation.
  • Middle : represents ether and its mission is to enable the harmony.
  • Ring : is the earth and its task is to provide us the strength to defend what is ours.
  • Little finger  represents water and provides us with the ability to interact with and relate to others.
But now we see the hand positions that can allow us to get better and recharge with positive energy.
1.Chin mudra
Known as the "mudra of knowledge", it promotes calm and meditation. On the mental plane, it strengthens memory. It is very easy to do: just connect your index finger with the thumb and stretch the remaining fingers forward.

2.Padme mudra
This position helps to harmonize body and mind, especially when emotional imbalances. To run it, just join the wrists in front of your chest, keep your hands and fingers extended and form a kind of lotus flower.
3.Dhyana Mudra
This gesture symbolizes the empty bowl that is related to cleaning and inward simplicity. It serves to eliminate stress and to renew our inner wisdom. It is among the mudra used for meditation. To run it, just place your palms facing up, at the height of the belly, making sure that the tips of the thumbs touching.
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4.Shunya Mudra
This position allows you to connect with our inner self, providing mental clarity. It performs pushing the middle finger in the palm of the hand, held by the thumb, and leaving the other fingers straight.
5.Atmajali mudra
It is a gesture of reverence and love. It regenerates the body of energy, brings strength and vitality, clears the mind and promotes balance. Just join the palms in front of the chest or over the head with his arms raised.
6.Ushas mudra
Serves to renew and balance the energy of our centers of power also it stimulates creativity and sexuality. Clasped hands, by overlapping thumbs, men should make sure that the right thumb is on the left, women on the other hand the contrary.
7.Dharmachakra mudra
This is one of the most famous hand positions and is connected with spiritual development. It helps to balance the internal energies with the environment. It's much easier to see than to explain! Here's how to run it: