The world on the brink of a third world war?

While the world is distracted by the catastrophe of global financial crisis, the Mediterranean seems about to catch fire. In the viewfinder, now and forever, the land of the Ayatollahs, against which Israel ponders a devastating air raid, as admitted by the president, Shimon Peres.
Currently the focus is concentrated on the alliance neighboring Syria, which appears to act as a detonator. But this time, spectacularly, back in the field of nuclear power in the former Soviet Union: If so far has kept a low profile, Moscow tomorrow could weigh in decisively on the dangerous evolution of the crisis that threatens the Mediterranean and the Middle East. And that, according to Professor Michel Chossudowsky the Global Research Institute, would be more correct to call the Third World War.
If Damascus is the antechamber of the final assault on Iran, arrives from Moscow's warning more explicit: hands off from Syria. Remained passive in the war in Iraq and then in the operation in Libya led to the fall of Gaddafi, this time Russia will not remain at the window. Moscow considers a Western attack against Syria as a "red line" that will not tolerate.

Meanwhile the war approaches, primarily through the now familiar media pressure: several articles have been circulated, indicating that some fighters from Turkey and other Islamic states would enter Syrian airspace under pretexts "humanitarian", with the help logistical support of the United States.
Russia has advanced radar systems installed at all major military installations and industrial Syrian, confirming the massive deployment of defensive with which Moscow is preparing to protect Syria, as in the days of the Cold War. Since World War II, he had never seen such a show of force. Even the forces of the United Kingdom they would be stepping up preparations for missile attacks against Iranian sites in the United States.
While Iran is the next goal, along with Syria and Lebanon, the new strategic military deployment also threatens North Korea, China and Russia. At the beginning seems like so many other military operation, a simple punitive air strike on Iran rebel. Instead it will be the beginning of World War III. A scene from the end of the world first move, Iran. Then, the chain reactions and real goals: to stop China neutralizing Russia.
Imperial capitalism in crisis, you do not feel as other means to secure privileged access to vital resources: water, oil and natural gas. If the policy fails there would be that war, the total conflict on a global scale.
The real danger is not perceived: "No one seems to fear a nuclear war sponsored by America. The war against Iran is presented to the public as a problem among others ", to live with the indifference which now is used to. Moreover, the killing machine is supported by a global cult of death and destruction inherent that pervades Hollywood movies, not to mention the TV series of war and crime in prime time on television networks. Cult of death approved by the CIA and the Pentagon, which also support financially Hollywood productions as an instrument of war propaganda.
The planned attack on Tehran is part of a coordinated "road map" global military. And 'the so-called "long war" of the Pentagon: a conflict without borders driven by profit, a project of world domination, a sequence of military operations. NATO military planners have envisaged various scenarios of military escalation, with geopolitical implications: while Iran, Syria and Lebanon are the immediate objectives, China, Russia and North Korea, not to mention Venezuela and Cuba, are also subject to threats by the United States. Strategic objective in the race for resources: China defeat the giant competitors and cancel the military capacity of the Russian defense.
The danger is all the more real when one considers the absolute indifference of the media. In chorus, Western media have branded Iran as a threat to global security in view of its alleged nuclear weapons program (nonexistent). Rather than see that the only real threat to world peace comes from the axis linking the United States, NATO and Israel, they prefer to instill tacitly, in the unconscious popular, the notion that the Iranian threat is real and that the Islamic Republic should be "conquered".
Meanwhile, in the face of a possible conflict with devastating results, the peace movement seems quite helpless and unprepared. Return to stir, perhaps, when it is too late. Assuming that it is not already.
The big lie, supported the war and the state police as the only line of approach, destroys nations and international solidarity. Breaking the lie means breaking a criminal project of global destruction, in which the pursuit of profit is the driving force. This profit driven military from the agenda destroys human values ​​and turns people into zombies unconscious.
So we have to do is to reverse the tide, challenging the war criminals in high office and the powerful corporate lobby groups that support them, breaking the American Inquisition, a crusade to undermine US-NATO-Israel military, weapons factories close and military bases, bring the troops home, the members of the armed forces should disobey orders and refuse to participate in a criminal war. Exaggeration? No, unfortunately.
The power that wants war is strong, says every day the opposite of the truth, claims for itself the vital resources of the world. And is armed to the teeth.