Oil spill in Brazil: a new ecological catastrophe?

I just finished writing the oil spill under way in Brazil (petroleum comes from a fissure opened on the seafloor at 1200 m depth probably due to the Chevron drilling) has disturbing similarities with the BP oil spill a year ago in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now out of two other similarities are the result of research carried out by Sky Truth, the environmental organization that has put the lie to official figures at the time (and unabashedly bearish) of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And he put the lie - it should be noted - were later superseded by an even more serious reality.

Before likeness shamelessly lie to official estimates, the oil actually spilled into Guanabara Bay is over 10 times more abundant. There are 3,738 barrels per day, not more than 330. The estimate follows from calculations based on satellite images: and the sky does not lie.
Second similarity: you know who the well was drilling for Chevron?Massa, her own: Transocean, the company that ran the platform for the Deepwater Horizon BP.
Sky Truth has come to Transocean examining the data provided by the Brazilian government about the position of oil rigs operating. The platform that was digging the well connected to the oil spill off the coast of Rio de Janeiro is named Sedco 706.
As for the actual amount of oil poured out into the sea, the calculations of Sky Truth descended from this image obtained by processing a photo taken Nov. 12 from NASA's Aqua satellite.

The film of oil that the Sedco 706 platform extends over 2,379 kilometers square, has calculated Sky Truth (163 square kilometers according to official figures).
Assuming that the oil layer has a thickness of one micron, are scattered on the sea means that 14,954 barrels of oil.
Oil has begun to appear on the surface at noon on 8 November. If it draws, writes Sky Truth, the oil rises to the surface (or rather the oil until Nov. 12 rose to the surface) at a rate of at least 3,738 barrels per day. More that 330 barrels more than the official figures.
Truth on Sky Chevron oil spill 10 times more abundant in Brazil, the official figures?