Thailand is still under water!

Unprecedented flood 50 years longer than three months, affecting one in three provinces and three-quarters of the country area of ​​Thailand. Human strength is not enough to defeat the overwhelming power of nature. Fledgling government of Prime Minister Dinh-shaking has been grappling with this historic flood.

Flooding history

Thai people realized that the country's rain cycle about 30 years apart. This year, rainfall was measured over 2000 mm, double the average. Rainy, very water and lack of coordination between the specialized bodies of water management, passive coping with a flood more severe consequences.

Many experts, the dam, the lake is currently used in the model of water management obsolete. Infrastructure was built in 1980, can only be exposed to low rainfall of 1,000 mm. During the dry season, the Royal Irrigation Department, along with General Electric discharge in Thailand dams north and north-east to drought, many dams have dried up, so do artificial rain to water. This year the rainy season coming soon half months. Last June, when tropical storms that sweep the two-Vietnam, the northern and north-eastern country with heavy rains, the water dam area. Last July, Cung-ten storm rain throughout the region, the dam is full to flood discharge, but the bottom flooding. In September, Hurricane Ne-milling and top-ten with heavy rain in the context of the dam should not be room for another race to discharge flood, no flood effects, whereas the contribution to flood more than plains of central Thailand. Bhu-mi-four dams (the largest, containing 13 billion m3) was discharged two billion m3 of river Chao Phray-a, the total water resources of downstream about 44 billion m3, irrigation systems downstream overload with greater water flow, excess 16 billion m3 in plain flooding.

Starter in October, Bangkok is the city water surrounding the islands. From subjective undue pessimism to the same degree as the two extremes at flood. Lack of timely flood warnings, and relies heavily on temporary embankments constructed of sandbags for flood control that response system, to cope with flood disasters in the very poor. Many agree, floods in central Thailand does not result from a natural disaster, but people do not know how to manage and use water.

Thailand should gradually yield to the flood data. Floods caused heavy losses of life and property, there were 381 deaths, nearly nine million people were directly affected the life. More than 1,700 national parks were evacuated to shelter up to about 113 thousand people to avoid flooding. Damage is estimated at 16 billion USD. More than 14 thousand factories, enterprises have shut down, about 700 thousand workers to leave and risk losing their jobs. More than six million tonnes of winter rice farmers suffered losses. Many cities and industrial zones in the central region flood flooding Bangkok a great influence on economic and social development of the country Thailand. Floods cause major damage to foreign investors in Thailand, which have included Japanese investors. About 400 factories in six industrial parks in Japan were submerged under water.

The last day in October, the Bangkok draft plan totaling 900 billion baht (about 30 billion U.S. dollars) to fix and long-term flood prevention. In the 100 billion baht to clean up the industrial park, 800 billion overhaul of the system and build flood protection for the industrial park, the capital city Bangkok. The restoration is done in two stages. The first phase, implemented within a year, to restore full operation of the industrial park was flooded. The second phase, the plan was named the new Thailand, to conduct and complete overhaul of water management systems. Bangkok is also a selection of models flood the U.S., the Netherlands and Japan.

"Flood" information

Ba Dinh-shaking sorry people in the flooded area, because the failure to prevent the flood line on many important industrial parks in the country, raging, destructive central. Ba Dinh-shake also explain the false information on flood warning and disaster many factors beyond our control. Since the flood, the flood of information is "noise", with "disorder" in the country and overseas loan. Not clear, complete, causing confusion and making it harder for agencies, businesses and individuals preparing for flood control. A case with multiple conflicting information do people not know who to believe. Even the news is sensational, exaggerated and distorted the problem, push the "bend public opinion," headlines threaten people as "a tsunami of fresh water," "great flood engulfed Bangkok," " Bangkok water sinking in the sea "...

Infrastructure planning weaknesses, population explosion, numerous obstacles to flow, road planning inconsistencies are the reason for the region's economic boom this country and in central Bangkok has always been threatened with flooding and flooding in heavy rain. Bangkok alone would be flooded regularly in the major seasonal rain per year. Natural disasters do people living in central Thailand miserable, but also new opportunities came up, exposing many weaknesses, confusion and mistakes have been made the past, requiring repair and recovery.

Central Thailand, including the capital Bangkok is expected to live after 50 difficult years. Heated by the earth's climate, sea level rise of about three mm per year. Many coastal provinces of Thailand and Bangkok is sinking at an average of 20 mm per year (Bangkok is only two meters high above sea level), large parts of the flower of cities will be submerged in the country.


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