Here's how a 50-watt lamp with water, ammonia, salt and a plastic bottle

An ecological lamp and without costs which works thanks to the sun and the water, a plastic bottle, filled with two liters of water, able to light as a 60 watt bulb. Look at it and believe it!

It is not science fiction: And 'the 2 liters of light, which, literally translated means: 2 liters of light. 

This bottle, designed by a group of students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), was initially distributed in the Philippines to overcome the lack of light of housing poorest. 

The mechanism of operation is very simple and at the same time brilliant. 
The bottle is filled with water with the addition of bleach, which prevents the formation of mold and germs. In this way the water remains clear, and can function well for the purpose for five years. 
Through a 'suitable opening in the roof, is made ​​to pass the neck of the bottle. The sunlight penetrates, and the body of the bottle, which is visible in the house, turns into a big light bulb, can spread a wonderful natural light to 360 degrees. 
Of course only works if there is light out. But the great thing, I think, that many people are realizing, is that we can take advantage of this brilliant idea to illuminate spaces such as garages, attics, barns, factories, and any other place where no light can create an opening suitable for you pass the neck of the bottle. 

So Write down this system, consider this because, sooner or later, might come in very useful. 
And, if you want to know more about and chewed English, I recommend you visit the official website, where you can download a pdf document for autocostruirvi you the 2 liters of light. - See more at: -here-the-lights-ad.html # sthash.XLQsVPp8.dpuf