A dark solar filament threat earth

Nov.19th 2011 - One of the most 'important events ever seen in recent years in our solar system .A dark magnetic filament size of 800,000 km and' positioned diagonally across the sun surface .NASA Solar Observatory infrared took this photo last November 17.

If this structure were to become unstable Hyder could trigger a new flare this time directed towards the earth, in fact, already 'there last November 16' a similar event was fortunately directed towards the planet Venere.Due new groups of sunspots are about to appear on the eastern side of the sun in the last hours have produced a series of flare / C and M class flares is not directed toward our planet.
The flare or flares are violent eruptions of matter that explodes from the photosphere of the Sun (but usually a star), with an energy equivalent to tens of millions of atomic bombs. They are usually observed from Earth using narrow-band filters, typically with a bandwidth of less than 0.1 nm, and often centered on a wavelength of 656.3 nm. Most flares occur around active regions associated with sunspot groups. However, from time to time, are observed far from an active region or by an organized group of sunspots. They are invariably associated with the sudden disappearance of a large dark filament solar, and take just the name of Hyder Flare. As we now know these geomagnetic storms cause damage to satellites, power grids and communications only in the most extreme and obvious, even to some blackouts.