Decapitated Animals Keep Showing Up In Sacramento, what's happening???

Mutilated chickens, cows, rabbits and lambs have been found throughout the California capital city in the last three months. Investigators don’t know if they’re looking at a spurt of animal sacrifices, or a copy-cat seeking attention.
Nearly a dozen decapitated and mutilated animals have been found discarded in community parks across the city of Sacramento this year in a gruesome mystery that’s left the city unnerved.

With no hint of where the decapitated animals are coming from, city officials say there’s no telling when they’ll stop either.

Beginning late last year with the grisly discovery of a cow’s head in Reichmuth Park, another cow’s head was located just days later a few miles away at Garcia Bend Park.

Headless chickens were then spotted in Old City Cemetery. Maintenance workers who found them were baffled, but discarded the animals and continued their work, Gina Knepp, head of the city’s Animal Care Services told BuzzFeed News.

But more decapitated animals would be found, and the gruesome discoveries would come more often, unnerving residents, stumping officials and raising speculation of who is behind it.

“Even if it’s an animal sacrifice as a religious practice, though it may be legal, it’s still required that it’s done in a humane way,” Knepp said.