Mcdonald attacks with a spot Neapolitan pizza

The new spot of McDonald's left me speechless, a child at the restaurant with mom and dad want a happy meal instead of pizza. mcdonald-370465_640 The pizza capita? That we should have monuments in every corner of the globe, one of the most popular foods,

better, more beautiful than ever. The Queen of Naples, tasty and wonderful, national pride appreciated all over the world; McDonald's, can compete with the happy meal. Unbelievable, but true, I saw myself the advertisement in which a family pizzeria is looking at the menu, and when the waiter asks the little boy sitting between his parents: "And you want that pizza?", The child responds without thinking a moment: "A happy meal". So, a while later, little is at McDonald's with Mom and Dad, eating his happy meal, everyone is happy, aside from the usual jingle and a voiceover closes the pretty picture saying: "Your son has no doubts, happy meal ". Even the Neapolitan pizza but have had no doubts, and you are immediately mobilized to cope with the attack of the American Multinational a symbol of the Mediterranean diet, our beloved pizza. Armed with determination and joy, they distributed hot pizza shop outside the McDonald's in Piazza Municipio in Naples, causing, as reported by several newspapers, another absence of any doubts. The people and children present nearby in fact, called dall'appetitoso scent, they all wanted a piece of pizza, and personally, not hardly believe it. The pizza is a healthy food made with few ingredients, but it is precisely this simplicity that is enclosed all its wonder. McDonald's instead I would not know what to add to all that has already been said with respect to the quality of its food, and the effects that may cause our human organism. Personally, I think that it is enough just to rely on their sense of smell to choose whether to eat a good pizza or a happy happy meal, and on this I have no doubt: pizza all my life, thank you.