Here are the people living in the sewers of Las Vegas

That's the dark side of the city, one that is not seen, what remains hidden and often fascinates us. In the United States something behind the beautiful and the glittering: in most emblematic cities of the country, there are underground populated by thousands of people.

Hidden in tunnels tens of meters underground, marginalized, homeless and live in the shadows without anyone knowing. In New York, there are 30,000 people living in this way, they have not spoken much in Sex & The City or Gossip Girl, we are closer to Futurama. These mole men, become invisible and ignored by all, they hide from others, from light, from society, from debt. Symbolize the contradictions of a country where the skyscrapers rise above the sewers. Matthew O'Brien dived into this underground world and has traveled 8000 kilometers of tunnels. Here is his documentary.
Nelle fogne di Las Vegas di darlinmagazine