Florida: heavy Hailstorm hits Clay County

Hail the size of golf balls has left one car-owner in need of a new back window in Clay County. "I was just surprised and shocked because my car was damaged, " Jenni Roberts, of Big Creek, says. A hail storm rolled through the Big Creek community of Clay County on Sunday. "(It was) like a white out.
You couldn't even see outside through the hail," Roberts says. When the hail cleared, Jenni Roberts saw the damage done to her car and the size of the hail that caused it. "(The hail was) bigger than a golf ball, what we picked on the ground. Some of it may have been as big as a baseball," Roberts says. The Burning Springs area of Clay County also saw some large hail fall from the sky. "Hail balls, they were the size of golf balls today. It came back through again. The hail balls that time were the size of half dollars," Chief Shane Sturgill, of the Burning Springs Fire Department, says. The damage in the rest of Clay County mainly consisted of dents in cars and downed branches.