Cats heal and protect our Spirit

Cats have a bond "magic" with the invisible world.

Just like dogs, who are our guardians in the physical world and would give their lives to save us, cats are our protectors of spiritual energy and would do anything to protect us when our energy drops.

When we wake up, the cat "cleans" our home from intruders energies. When we sleep, filters and transforms this energy. Often the cat tries and look into the "nothing" ... sees things we do not see.

Often, the cat that goes into a home that knows begins to meow, it does not only to attract attention, is a kind of warning that is giving: feel that the quality of energy must improve there.

Our everyday problems and stress are absorbed by the cat. In fact, when there is too much negative energy it is common for cats to feel weaker.

Of course the cat is not solely responsible for the energy balance of the house, there is more harmony in your environment, the less will have to filter out the negative energy and, therefore, will be happier and healthier. When we sleep our bodies, astral and physical, are separated and go to a fifth dimension, that is, in a dimension without time or space: the dimension in which we are when we are dreaming.

Due to lack of training and preparation, most of the time you do not see this dimension, since it is rather "masked", ie encoded with our unconscious psychic contents.

Cats usually accompany us and protect us in these astral travel or protect our astral body, in addition to taking care of us against unwanted spiritual energies while we sleep.

These are the reasons for which they like to sleep in the bed with us.

The cat is a transformer of energy that helps in healing. It teaches us to love. Not to submit, teaches us that love free that makes the difference. In fact, many people find it difficult to live with cats finding them "animals concerned." First, you have to earn the trust of the cat. So we must learn to respect it. After that, you will love when you are really ready.

Cats reflect love.

From the energy point of view, people who are allergic to cats are people who in their life have difficulty letting go of love. According to Caroline Connor, if there are many people in the family and one cat, this can overload absorb all the negativity. In these cases it is good to have more of a cat to divide the load between them.

If you have never had a cat and suddenly comes one in your life is because you need a kitten at that specific time. The cat is willing to help. If you can keep it with you, it is important to find him a home. The kitten will be close even if not physically, and you can discover through dreams. Often it appears in dreams the kitten, does his work and leaves.

Finally, try to see how cats react to those who come to visit you at home. Often they are trying to protect yourself from negative energies.