Space, filmed a giant tornado plasma on the surface of the Sun.

sun tornado videoA video portrays a huge vortex on the surface of the sun. It is a tornado 2.8 million degrees.

A huge "tornado" of plasma on the surface of the sun. The training was filmed by the Solar Dynamic Observatory and NASA has lasted forty hours, from Tuesday, September 1 until Thursday, three. The phenomenon is due to the enormous magnetic forces of the star and left amazed scholars. These forces lead to constant movement of the mass of the solar plasma on the surface with huge plumes and gigantic mutations that constantly disrupt the solar surface. 

The probe Solar Dynamic Observatory has the specific objective to be continuously phenomena that develop continuously on our star .A constant monitoring of the solar corona, plasma and magnetic field of the Sun, with its contini changes. A study essential to study in depth the real achievements of the stellar radiation on spacecraft, but especially on the body of many astronauts working in space.