Things there 'in Antarctica? Mysterious inputs discovered with Google Earth !!!

Browsing on Google Earth (and Maps) you can come across two large and mysterious inputs that seem to enter under the surface of Antarctica.

In the opinion of some observers, it would be natural caverns formed over time due to the heavy weather conditions being put on the Antarctic continent.

But according to Scott Waring, the editor of the , there may be revenue that would lead to a secret military base, or even alien.

In the video made ​​by Hunter abnormal, there is also the image of an object that Waring believes is a huge flying saucer buried under the ice and that is coming to light due to the melting glacier.

"Very interesting and intriguing images from Google Earth, seem to indicate two possible inputs of an alien base, or at least to something, in addition to a huge disc-shaped object buried in the ice. If there are alien bases in Antarctica, it would follow that there are extraterrestrials in "Scott writes on his blog.

In the opinion of Waring, then there would be a connection between the two inputs and the disc buried in the ice, placed on the Sandwich Islands.

Unfortunately, the images shown in the video depicting the flying saucer is no longer available on Google Earth, so it is impossible to independently confirm. Who made the video claims that the images have been properly removed.

However, the two inputs are clearly observable, much to raise the issue on their artificiality. From the pictures, it seems that the entrance of one of them have a metal dome. According to some, this detail might suggest that it is an artificial cavity.