Christopher Columbus: A criminal disguised as a hero

What they do not teach you to Squola

Article by: Ruggero Marino

The Reign of Terror of Columbus, as documented by well-known historians, it was so bloody, his legacy so unspeakably cruel. Because today we continue to honor this criminal? Because at school and in the history books is presented as a hero?


But if you think about it, the whole concept of the discovery of America is, well, arrogant. After all, Native Americans discovered North America about 14,000 years before Columbus was born!

Surprisingly, the DNA evidence now suggests that the brave adventurers Polynesians sailed canoes across the Pacific and settled in South America long before the Vikings. Secondly, Columbus was not a hero.When he stepped on the sand of the beach in the Bahamas on Oct. 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the islands were inhabited by friendly people and peaceful that you called Lucayans, Taino and Arawak.

Writing in his diary, Colombo said they were a people fascinating, intelligent and kind. He observed that the kind Arawak were exceptional in their hospitality.


"They offered to share with anyone and when you asked something they never said no," he said. The Arawaks did not possess weapons; their society had neither prisons nor criminals or prisoners. They were so good-hearted that Columbus wrote in his diary that the day when the Santa Maria was wrecked, the Arawaks worked for hours to save his cargo and his crew.

The natives were so honest that nothing disappeared. Columbus was so impressed with the hard work of these gentle islanders who immediately confiscated their land for Spain and enslaved them to make them work in his brutal gold mines. In just two years, 125,000 (half the population), the original natives of the island were dead.

If I were a Native American, I would mark October 12 on my calendar as ilgiorno black. Incredibly, Columbus oversaw the sale of native girls kept as sex slaves. Young girls aged 9 and 10 years were the most desired by men. In 1500, Columbus wrote in his diary at random.

He said: "A hundred castellanoes are so easily obtained for a woman as for a farm and is very universal that there are many traders who go around looking for girls, now there is the demand for those from nine to ten years . "He forced these peaceful natives to work in its gold mines until they died of exhaustion.


If an "Indian" is not handed over his entire share of gold dust to the expiration date from Colombo, the soldiers would cut the man's hands and gave them would knotted tightly around his neck to spread the message. Slavery was so unbearable for these sweet and gentle islanders who at one point 100 of them committed mass suicide.

On his second voyage to the New World, Columbus brought with him guns and attack dogs. If a native resisted slavery, he would cut off his nose or an ear. If slaves were trying to flee Colombo burned them alive.

Other times sent dogs assault hunt them, and the dogs tore off arms and legs Native screaming while they were still alive. If the Spaniards were short of meat to feed their dogs, children were killed Arawak and used as dog food.

One of the men of Columbus, Bartolome de Las Casas, was so mortified by the brutal atrocities of Columbus against the native peoples, who stopped working for Columbus and became a Catholic priest. He described how the Spaniards under the command of Columbus "cut the legs of children running from them, to test the sharpness of their weapons."

Mass murders

In one day De Las Casas was an eyewitness of how Spanish soldiers dismembered, beheaded or raped 3,000 native people. "Such inhumanity and barbarism were committed in my eyes like no other age in comparison," wrote De Las Casas. "My eyes have seen these acts so foreign to human nature now I tremble as I write."

De Las Casas spent the rest of his life trying to protect the native people defenseless. But after a while there were still more natives to protect.Experts agree that before 1492 the population of the island of Hispaniola probably had more than 3 million people. After 20 years of the arrival of the Spaniards it was reduced to only 60,000.

In 1516 the Spanish historian Peter Martyr wrote:
"... A ship without a compass it, do card or driving, but only along the strip of dead Indians who were thrown from ships, could find his way from the Bahamas to Hispaniola."


Actually Columbus was the first slave trader of the Americas. When the indigenous slaves were dying they were replaced with slaves blacks. The son of Columbus became the first trafficker dodge African in 1505.

You're surprised and you never learned any of that at school?

The reign of terror of Columbus is one of the darkest chapters of our history ...

Source: Fringe Science