It 'started "The biggest NATO exercise by the end of the Cold War to the present,"

"The biggest NATO exercise by the end of the Cold War to the present," as it is defined by the general command of the Atlantic Alliance Trident Juncture 2015the complex series of operations by air, sea and land that for most of the autumn will invest huge geographical area, extending from North America, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the polygons of the war in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. And that in our country will have its center in the military airport of Trapani Birgi. Choice that has sparked protests of a part of civil society. Already starting from today until the end of October are planned flash mob and events.

Trident Juncture 2015 with the participation of about 36 thousand (3 thousand of whom arrived in Europe directly from the United States), including 200 fighter-bombers, spy planes and large aircraft and sixty surface ships and submarines. "The exercise simulates a scenario adapted to the new threats, such as cyber war and asymmetric warfare," explains the military leaders. The first phase of the exercise kicks off today with the staging in the Spanish Zaragoza airport in a large logistics center where they were crammed into 400 containers full of weapons systems, ammunition and food. The exercises focus real will be held from October 21 to November 6, mainly in the airspace and land in Italy, Spain, Portugal and in the waters of the central Mediterranean.

The nodal center will Trapani. Role is not new in the arena Born, explains Antonio Mazzeo, a journalist and blogger expert in military matters. "The base has been chosen because it is a natural carrier of the Mediterranean, just think of the role he played during the war in Libya in 2011 - explains - according to official estimates, NATO launched from Trapani almost 14 percent of the air raids against Libyan targets. " But the airport is also home to military trials. "For almost two years - continues Mazzeo - is used by a private company to test new foreign unmanned aircraft for export to major international theaters of war.Takeoffs and landings at the highest risk for air passenger traffic and reckless developments on the heads of tens of thousands of inhabitants of the city of Trapani and Marsala and Egadi. " According to estimates of the General Staff of the Air Force, "the international exercise, initially planned on the airport Sardinian Decimomannu, bring in Trapani more than 80 aircraft and about 5 thousand soldiers of different nationalities."

There are many associations and committees pacifists who are mobilizing all over Italy against Trident Juncture 2015. These also Free Don Ciotti. "We are opposed to military spending because we think too much, as well as unnecessary - says Salvatore Ingui, spokesman of Free Marsala - we want that people pose questions, multinationals and defense industries see in war an opportunity to enrich themselves further, and wars are also behind the migration of the last period, so we are opposed to this exercise. " Free, along with other associations, is part of the Provincial Coordination against war and NATO that afternoon organized a flash mob in the square of the Republic in Marsala. The initiatives will continue throughout the month and will culminate in a major regional event on October 31 in Marsala, which are also the participation of the committee opposing Muos.