MAXIMUM ALERT! A huge chasm opens in the Alps. What is going on ???

And 'it photographed a few days ago a giant chasm of an alpine glacier, not in the Italian national territory, but in an area of ​​the Swiss Alps. The glacier involved would be that of the Herens Valley,Alps of Switzerland to a few tens of kilometers on the border of the Valle d'Aosta. The aerial images are "merciless": at the base of the glacier there was a huge crash and has created a huge chasm hundreds of meters deep, although surveys and in-depth surveys will be carried out in detail in the coming days.

The glacier where there was the maxi-hole would be to Ferpecle, and the photo of the hole was taken today by the geologist Gerard Stampfli, all then published on the website Le Nouvelliste. It is a chasm which was formed almost certainly due to the hot weather and the high temperatures that have undermined all the glaciers in this summer, considering that a week ago in the area were touched 30 degrees.