Fire in Chernobyl spread a radioactive cloud across Ukraine!!!

Concerned about the policy of minimizing the effects of the consequences of fires that developed in the Chernobyl exclusion zone (Ukraine's) on the morning of Tuesday, April 28, 2015. To 48 hours away,
even though the fire is considered tamed, there are still small outbreaks. Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatseniuk announced that there is no radioactive risk to the population: "the level of radiation is absolutely normal. The maximum level of security allowed is 50 micro Roentgen and exclusion zone now is 21, in Kiev to 11 ". Surely words dictated by the need not to create a widespread alarmism and, moreover, difficult to handle in the future in the light and with the awareness that the Ukraine has limited economic resources, scarce resources, limited volunteers and employees (many of them are engaged in the war of Donbass). Despite these assurances, the reality is different. These reflections are needed: 1. The burning of 400 hectares of Woods is a large scale fire and certainly caused a fallout of radionuclides. In the cloud developed by fumes of respirable particles are present fire of Strontium, cesium, different isotopes of uranium and the terrible Americium 241. Previous fires lower entity exclusion area, on the basis of remarks Harish Kumar scientist a. Mousseau in the Department of biological sciences at the University of South Carolina (Columbia), had caused a secondary propagation of eight percent of the radiation emitted by the disaster at the Chernobyl plant. 2. The international community, in addition to worrying about the funding for the new Chernobyl sarcophagus cover, should immediately make available resources for a permanent task force able to intervene swiftly, adequate vehicles and personnel in case of fire. In the exclusion zones you're seeing (Mousseau team studies) to a non-organic matter decay which implies, in turn, greater permanence (than expected) of radioactivity in the trees. In fact in the forests ' normal ' fallen trees are ground into sawdust in the space of 10 years, while in the exclusion zone time is almost doubled. The reason for this lack of degradation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is to be found in microbes, bacteria, fungi, worms, insects and other living organisms known as decomposers (because they feed on dead organisms) and that, within the area, decreased e-then-do not do their job properly. Mousseau and his team have discovered after leaving, in the course of 2007, 600 bags filled with leaves in a zone around Chernobyl. When, the following year, they collected samples have discovered that the bags placed in a zone without radioactivity contained the decomposed leaves 70% -90%, while those placed in a contaminated environment they were only about 40%. In the face of these data is legitimate concern about the high possibility that fires in the exclusion zone, can become catastrophic . 3. Ukrainian premier's words tend to pacify, even for the future, the "heroic" firefighters who have made to put out the fire. In basic situations around the Chernobyl area there are fire stations ready to prevent a forest fire on the inside, but they are not prepared to handle large ones, like the one that occurred in recent days. These fire (as shown by the images while they were at work) do not have adequate protective suits and respirators. Currently monitor forests with only 6 towers and with a helicopter "occasionally available". Have only one Soviet-made tank adapted with a 7 meter long blade in order to break down and break out the dead trees that block the passage on the roads. These firefighters, intervened in Taming the fire (along with additional ones and "volunteers" that have become necessary because of the scale of the fire), they definitely reached the affected areas and for the time of their mission-despite reassuring data on radioactivity levels listed by Yatseniuk-additional Inhalation dose than "the norm". Nuclides of plutonium formed the predominant contribution of inhalation dose. 4. As usual, the data that were released only the levels of radioactive contamination "air line". Theoretically correct data, but misleading: an external radiation "weak", it may be an internal radiation "harmful", as in the case of presence "unassuming", but very toxic, of plutonium in the air. The concern is then given by ground impact and the effect of cumulation with radionuclides that are already present. A greater number of radionuclides (quality and quantity) will now be available for human consumption through crops, products of the underbrush, pastures and various miscellaneous edible preparations arising. Care, for example, the negative impact that will aggravate the health consequences of the residents on the edge of the exclusion zone, as the inhabitants of Ivankov, one of the areas hardest hit by the Chernobyl fallout, and where the incidence of cancers and diseases is high. These residents, because of this war economy, are resorting increasingly to spontaneous products of nature and of its domestic economy. All the while, after the crisis of Donbass, decreased- due to lack of resources -the socio-medical follow-up in these areas was leading the team of prof. Bandazhevsky. A fire whose consequences are cutting down on weaker. On top of that the winds have pushed, in the early stages, the radioactive cloud-fire-formed towards Belarus causing a new recontamination of the regions that had already received the biggest fallout from the Chernobyl accident. 5. In the days to come, partly because small outbreaks continue to release radioactivity, the international community has a duty to follow the path of the cloud, to put it in relation with rainfall, to evaluate the composition without forgetting to take into account the presence of plutonium: how modestly traceable or detectable only by weak gamma values, remains, in spite of this low activity , the nuclide more damaging to internal contamination (for example, as noted byAIPRIstudies, unlike the Cesium is simply very little Plutonium to define an area as prohibited: 5,000 Bq/m2 of plutonium against 550,000 Bq/m2 of Cesio137). If necessary, and then comes the obligation to launch an information campaign and recommendations for any interested people. Without scaremongering, but with clarity and accountability, without censorship and the occasional dialogue that had made 29 years ago. The President of the world on the move Massimo Bonfatti Tenor