Shocking !!! Pensions of Nazi criminals paid by the US security

Pensions paid from 1962 to 2015 for 20.2 million dollars to 133 Nazis Nazi war criminals, former SS guards and other bloodthirsty individuals who, during the Second World War,
took part in the atrocities of the Third Reich.Sono around 133 Germans who received $ 20.2 million (approximately EUR 18.4 million at current exchange rates) by the Administration of the system American social security. A report of the inspection of American security, which will be published next week and that the agency Ap managed to publish a preview, brings to light all the payments of the social security system ended up in the pockets of American Nazis. Payments that would be far more significant than estimated so far. The 133 criminals have, in fact, percapito a regular board from February 1962 to January 2015, until that came into force a new law that banned the security check for some beneficiaries. According to the report, the 133 Nazis have hidden their identity to the US authorities to receive social security checks.